Garagiste Sale

A former CM member’s family has decided to sell off his wine making equipment at a price that was too good to pass up. Then there was an idea to put some money in the CM coffers and allow members to buy equipment at a good price.

So the first Cellarmasters “Garagiste Sale” has been hatched! The difference is that the club owns the merchandise through donation and is selling it to raise funds for events and our charitable contribution to a local charity which will be the subject of upcoming meetings. But, for now, here is the list of winemaking equipment for your garage – spare room – whatever space you make – winery.


5 Gallon glass carboys with plastic caps and 11 out of the 12 come with a wooden carrier. A nice starter for smaller batches or extra storage. $10 each.


The owner wanted to keep these and sell them separately at $30 each. But she decided to just let them go with the rest of the equipment. So we have 2 x 15.5 kegs with solid bungs to sell for $30 each. There is a DIY cap that Dave L described as sealing better than a Triclover that also allows for hanging a sleeve of oak chips or other flavorings. The first 5 kegs will include one of these gizmos – not pictured – at no extra charge.


A short version of the standing floor corker made for tabletop/countertop height. Plastic jaws instead of brass. Appears to be rarely used. First and last offer of $20 gets it.

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