Garagiste Sale

We have members who have donated equipment to the club and we then turn around and sell it to help raise money for our winemaking activities. This is what is currently for sale. We dont have the ability to ship so you’ll have to come and pick up from where the equipment is being stored.

Various Equipment For Sale

300 Liter Tank, Italian, w/extra gasket ($350)
80 Liter Bladder Press, includes brand new bladder ($900)
Kreyer Chilly 45 Glycol Chiller – 1.28 ton, 4.5 kW ($4000)
The Temperature Tamer Controllers (6 available) ($175/ea)
Cooling Snake – 1.5 Meter ($100)
Cooling Snake – 2.5 Meter (5 available) ($125/ea)
Precision Hydrometer – Brix (-5 to 5) ($25)
Precision Hydrometer – Brix (0 to 12) ($25)
Food Grade Punchdown Tools (2)/Shovel/Paddle/Scoop ($100)
Speidel Plastic Fermenter 60 Liter (3 available) ($65/ea)
Stainless Fusti, 28 Gallon ($100)
Cornelius Kegs, 5 Gallon, Pin Lock (5 Available) ($40/ea)
Oak Cube Infusion Tube (for 60 Gallon barrel) ($35)
All equipment is used, but in very nice, well cared for condition. Please email David at with question/interest. We have lots of additional equipment available
that we will be listing soon, so if you are looking for something specific, please reach out.

1 Bladder Press

 This holds about a ton of grapes. It was bought in 1987 for about $1,800 and used it up until 2019, when it burst the bladder for the first time.  I’m including a new replacement bladder, but I’m not installing it.  Asking price $600. Please reach out to Tom Shudic at


A short version of the standing floor corker made for tabletop/countertop height. Plastic jaws instead of brass. Appears to be rarely used. First and last offer of $20 gets it.

FastRack Bottle Drying System

Conveniently dry your bottles. Only $10.


1 x 5 Gallon Brewing/Bottling Bucket w/spigot, w/o lid
Crown Caps
1 Gallon Bottle
2 airlocks w/stopper
Bottling wand
Siphon w/hose
Easy Clean Sanitizer/Cleaner