Garagiste Sale

A former CM member’s family has decided to sell off his wine making equipment at a price that was too good to pass up. Then there was an idea to put some money in the CM coffers and allow members to buy equipment at a good price.

So the first Cellarmasters “Garagiste Sale” has been hatched! The difference is that the club owns the merchandise through donation and is selling it to raise funds for events and our charitable contribution to a local charity which will be the subject of upcoming meetings. But, for now, here is the list of winemaking equipment for your garage – spare room – whatever space you make – winery.

FREE Fermentation Fridge

Yes, that’s right FREE. Your favorite flavor. Please text Tom Duket for more info at 310 403 0021. Topanga area.


5 Gallon glass carboys with plastic caps and 11 out of the 12 come with a wooden carrier. A nice starter for smaller batches or extra storage. $10 each.


1 x 5 Gallon Brewing/Bottling Bucket w/spigot, w/o lid
Crown Caps
1 Gallon Bottle
2 airlocks w/stopper
Bottling wand
Siphon w/hose
Easy Clean Sanitizer/Cleaner


A short version of the standing floor corker made for tabletop/countertop height. Plastic jaws instead of brass. Appears to be rarely used. First and last offer of $20 gets it.


20Gallon Fermenter
1Gallon jug w/plastic funnel

Two 6 gallon Intellitanks, including shown 1.5″ TC stainless hardware, used very little.  Unlike glass these are safe for vacuum racking.
New they are $99 each, without the racking ports flange, cap, and TC clamp.  I will sell both including the hardware for $150. Please reach out to Kim at

6 Responses to 'Garagiste Sale'

  1. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Thanks for this Bill. I can put this on the For Sale page on the site as well as on FB. Are you OK with me putting your email on the website as well as on FB? Also, do you have a picture of the press? It’s not required but helps people visualize how big the press is.



  2. Glenn Andrews says:

    I purchased crusher destemmer via PayPal but I don’t know how/ where to pick it up

  3. Joseph Castro says:

    I would like to post wine making equipment for sale. I am a former cellar masters member. I have almost everything you need to make wine. how can i post on your site?

  4. Joseph Castro says:

    have you received my email at webmaster?

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