Garagiste Sale

We have members who have donated equipment to the club and we then turn around and sell it to help raise money for our winemaking activities. This is what is currently for sale. We dont have the ability to ship so you’ll have to come and pick up from where the equipment is being stored.

5 Bottle Filler

A 5 bottle filler that needs some reconditioning. $50.

One 6 Gallon Carboy


1 x 5 Gallon Brewing/Bottling Bucket w/spigot, w/o lid
Crown Caps
1 Gallon Bottle
2 airlocks w/stopper
Bottling wand
Siphon w/hose
Easy Clean Sanitizer/Cleaner


A short version of the standing floor corker made for tabletop/countertop height. Plastic jaws instead of brass. Appears to be rarely used. First and last offer of $20 gets it.

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  1. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Thanks for this Bill. I can put this on the For Sale page on the site as well as on FB. Are you OK with me putting your email on the website as well as on FB? Also, do you have a picture of the press? It’s not required but helps people visualize how big the press is.



  2. Glenn Andrews says:

    I purchased crusher destemmer via PayPal but I don’t know how/ where to pick it up

  3. Joseph Castro says:

    I would like to post wine making equipment for sale. I am a former cellar masters member. I have almost everything you need to make wine. how can i post on your site?

  4. Joseph Castro says:

    have you received my email at webmaster?

  5. Hello Gregg: I also emailed you.
    We have Cab Franc 2021 for sale.
    I don’t know that you remember us or not. Several years ago, you posted the Grapes for sale for us on the Cellar Masters website.
    We are in Temecula Wine Country. We have about an acre of Cabernet Franc and
    our grape is ready for this year’s harvesting, we are ready for picking from September 14th and
    to be continued on until they are all picked probably by the end of September.

    Our vineyard is near several vineyards owned by many local wineries right down the street
    from us. (Baily’s, Wilson Creek, Callaway, South Coast)

    If you know if any of your members need any grapes, please have them call
    Ted Maier (951)595-2952, to let him know
    Thank you & Warm Regards,
    Ted Maier, 951-595-2952
    Jieranai Maier, 951-751-1796

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