Wine Competition

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  1. Kevin Holloway says:

    Be careful! If your bung stave has a small crack, oxygen can leak around the bung and you will have oxygen in the ullage space. The way to know is to listen for the rush of air into the barrel when you remove the bung. If you hear it “whoosh!” when you pull out the bung, there was a good vacuum and most likely no oxygen. If there is no “whoosh!”, you have an air leak!

  2. Elissa says:

    Hey what is the food theme for tonight?
    Gold food?

  3. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Sorry for the delay Terry, I had to get the results from someone else. They can be found here,, or there is a link on the homepage now. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Best – GreggO

  4. George A. Anderson IV says:

    Cellar Masters,

    I received my Medals from the 2015 Wine Making Competition in January and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, the medals are nice, but my great thanks goes to those who organized and ran the competition and to those who judged. I have been involved in organizing officials for sporting tournaments and understand the work involved. Thank you for your dedication to promoting Amateur wine making.
    To the judges, I was very disappointed by the results of a contest that I had entered previous to yours. Zero info! I can’t begin to thank you enough for the feedback sheets. I had no idea what was right with my wines, what was wrong or most importantly what I could do, if anything, to improve my wines. Thank you for reinvigorating my “juices”, pun intended. PLEASE continue to judge and share the detailed feedback for those of us learning the art. I for one will continue making, and now refining, my wines. Thank you for such constructive support!!!

    George A. Anderson IV

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      George, thanks SO much for the great feedback. We pride ourselves on the notes and comments from the judges because as winemakers, that’s what we would want too. Objective feedback is invaluable and is hard to get from friends and loved ones. Thanks for entering and keep making wines.

  5. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Ben, It’s good for the judges to know what grapes are in the wine but it’s not necessary.

    Thanks for entering,


  6. Amanda Spieker says:

    I received my ribbons from the 2016 Wine Making Competition today! I want to thank everyone – those that planned to those who judged. Thank you for promoting the amateur wine making world I love so much.
    To the judges – I can’t begin to thank you enough for the feedback you gave me. Seriously the constructive feedback is priceless and from the comments you took your task very seriously. I thank you ten-fold!
    Have a blessed year!

  7. George A. Anderson IV says:

    Dear Cellarmasters,
    Two years ago I entered your amateur contest and was thrilled with the feedback received. This years I came back and tried again and AGAIN am delighted! What a great treat to receive ribbons and feedback on my wines from you and your slate of judges. I am inspired to send my port to the 2018 Wine Maker international Amateur contest in March. I was also very encouraged by your label contest this year to receive recognition for my 5 labels. I am anxiously waiting on those ribbons as well. I would love to share a photo with you but do not see a way to do so. Please advise if I can. Thank you again!
    Extremely Encouraged Again,
    George A. Anderson IV
    IV Vintners
    North Little Rock, AR

  8. Dean Scott says:

    I need more information on the amateur wine making competition and label comp.

  9. Vito says:

    I am attempting to signup for a membership on-line, however there is not a tab to purchase a membership, only for the wine competition.
    Thank you

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Vito, I’ve removed the membership link since there is only 2.5 months left in the year. The membership is calendar based so if you signed up now, you would have to sign up for next year in January. Keep coming to the meetings and the membership link for next year will come back at the end of November. Let me know if you’ve got any concerns or questions. Best, GreggO

      • Vito Masotti says:

        Hi Greg, I didn’t realize it was your based and sent the membership form in the mail. Can you please disregard that form or apply it to next year? Please let me know thank you

  10. Donny Lockaby says:

    Was wondering if the judging sheets have been sent out yet February 25 2019

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Donny, yes they were sent out last week so you should be seeing them soon. Thanks for entering.

  11. George A. Anderson IV says:

    Cellar Masters one & all,
    My Thursday last week sucked! Until, that is, I got home. I ran to the mail and threw open the box. What to my wondering eyes appeared, a huge yellow envelope and 8 tiny other bills. My apologies to Clement C. Moore! Once a gain the thrill of a little boy opening a Christmas gift shivered through my body! It probably helped it was 39 degrees at the time & I wasn’t wearing a jacket. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! The feedback sheets that you return to us are so very helpful and encouraging. It is impossible to try to improve with out knowing the good and the areas that need improvement. I was also please to find you returned to awarding Medals. It is just one more way you elevate your competition to make us amateurs feel like pros! I will continue to enjoy and recommend this competition for years to come! thank you and all of the judges so very much!

  12. chuck says:

    any medals this year?

  13. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Thanks for this Bill. I can put this on the For Sale page on the site as well as on FB. Are you OK with me putting your email on the website as well as on FB? Also, do you have a picture of the press? It’s not required but helps people visualize how big the press is.



  14. Roberta Dixon says:

    A long time member, Robert (Bob) Champieux passed away on August 6, 2019. He was 92 years old; and he made over 50 different kinds of wine. Several of his wine received awards/ribbons. A Celebration of Life is being held at Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church…3801 Scott Road, Burbank, CA 91504…on September 28, Saturday, at 11 am. Lunch will be held after services. His friends are invited…Roberta Dixon (his daughter).

  15. Dion says:

    How many entries are typical per category (say 1-A-Blends)?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Dion, it depends on the year. Blends are popular so we may get 15-20 Red blends. Some years we’ve had 20-30 Zins but some years we’ve had under 10. It’s hard to gauge year to year. Cabs are pretty consistently entered with at least 25-30 Cabs in my recollection. Does that answer you questions?

  16. Gordon Baron says:

    Are you having a wine label competition this year ?

    • Hi Gordon,
      We only have a label competition every three years so the next one won’t be until 2021. Hope to see an entry from you then!

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Gordon, no we’re not this year. We’ve noticed in the two years of doing it that it was pretty much the same labels year after year. No one changes their design only the year or varietal. So we’re going to do it every other year or so.

      Sorry about that.

  17. Stephen Lofaro says:

    How does an entrant submit a Label for consideration?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      We are not having the label competition this year. We only do it every 3rd year because we found that we just kept getting the same labels over and over every year.

  18. greg ross says:

    Gregg, will you send out a schedule for Saturday the 21st, soon?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Greg, unfortunately we have had to postpone the competition until the Spring due to Covid flair-ups here in the LA Metro region. I’ve sent and email out to all judges as well. Thanks for volunteering this year.

  19. Gordon Baron says:

    When will I get my results of the wine and wine label judging ?

    • cellarmastersla says:

      Gordon, we ended up postponing the competition because Covid cases in our area started to explode and we thought it the prudent thing to do. We have delayed the competition until the spring and we will attempt to set a date in January. Sorry for any inconvenience and let me know if you have any questions.

      Happy New Year!!


  20. W. Scott Harral says:

    Any update on the 47th Annual competition status?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Scott, it has been rescheduled to June 26 & 27. There should be enough of us with vaccines to run this properly by then.

  21. Tom Flitsch says:

    What’s status of 2020 amateur wine contest? Now that things are trending to normal will the canceled November competition resume soon?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Tom, we’ve moved the competition from last fall to June 26 & 27. We should have enough vaccinated people to run this properly. We still plan on having one in November if everything stays on course.

  22. Glenn Andrews says:

    I purchased crusher destemmer via PayPal but I don’t know how/ where to pick it up

  23. Raul Serna says:

    When will the results be posted?

  24. Joseph Castro says:

    I would like to post wine making equipment for sale. I am a former cellar masters member. I have almost everything you need to make wine. how can i post on your site?

  25. Joseph Castro says:

    have you received my email at webmaster?

  26. Larry says:

    Thank you so much for persevering through difficult times and holding the wine competition! Congrats on a hugely successful event!

    I am just curious when the tasting notes will be sent out?

    Thanks again!

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Hi Larry. We think the medals should come in from the manufacturer in about a week or so. Then we have to pack up all the tasting notes and medals and mail them out. If I had to guess, then maybe 3 weeks or so.

      Thanks so much for entering. Keep an eye out for the 48th Annual Competition announcement coming soon.


      • Larry says:

        That is awesome. Thank you!

        I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the 48th! Keep safe! Y’all do a great job over there.

  27. Greg Ross says:

    When will they post the winners of the label competition?

  28. Mike says:


    We should be posting everything shortly. The medal packets were just put in the mail this week.

    Mike Holland

  29. Hello Gregg: I also emailed you.
    We have Cab Franc 2021 for sale.
    I don’t know that you remember us or not. Several years ago, you posted the Grapes for sale for us on the Cellar Masters website.
    We are in Temecula Wine Country. We have about an acre of Cabernet Franc and
    our grape is ready for this year’s harvesting, we are ready for picking from September 14th and
    to be continued on until they are all picked probably by the end of September.

    Our vineyard is near several vineyards owned by many local wineries right down the street
    from us. (Baily’s, Wilson Creek, Callaway, South Coast)

    If you know if any of your members need any grapes, please have them call
    Ted Maier (951)595-2952, to let him know
    Thank you & Warm Regards,
    Ted Maier, 951-595-2952
    Jieranai Maier, 951-751-1796

  30. Gregg Ogorzelec says:

    Hey Ken, Mike Holland is in Altadena and he has the equipment but I’m sure we can work something out to get them to the West Valley if you’re not able to come to the East Side. Let me know if you have more questions.