If you’re like me, you haven’t been making wine for all that long and don’t have the experience or confidence to fully know the ramifications of actions you may make during fermentation, aging, bottling ect. Having a mentor is a great way to ask questions on things you’re not sure of. So we’re listing (and will be expanding over the next couple of months) some of our members who have the knowledge and  experience in growing grapes, fermenting must, aging wines, SO2 management, bottling, oh the list could go on and on. Please be respectful of their time and realize that they’re not sitting at their computer waiting for emails.

Andy Coradeschi – Award winning wine maker, Syrah grower [acorad(at)]

Mark Dawson – Award winning wine maker, grape grower [mddawson712(at)]

Dave Lustig – Award winning professional wine maker, Rhone varietal grower, cider maker [DaveL256(at)]

Matt Lester – Award winning wine maker, Specializing in influencing wine to fit the style desired.

Sean Morris – Award Winning Mead Maker [here(at)]

John Weisickle – Award winning Fruit Wines, mead maker [John(at)]

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