December Wine of the Month: Vidal Blanc

December Wine of the Month: Vidal Blanc

Vidal Blanc is a hybrid of Ugni Blanc (vinifera) x Rayon d’Or (French American hybrid) and was developed by French breeder, Albert Seibel.

The grape can be made into a bone-dry, steely wine for fish, a barrel-aged wine reminiscent of a Fumé Blanc, or an ice wine that can rival the best dessert Rhine wines produced in Germany.

Flavors: Vidal Blanc is fruity with grapefruit and pineapple aromas and floral characteristics.

Color: The white grapes have large clusters of thick-skinned berries.

Notable regions: Northeastern US and Canada. Finger Lakes of New York State, many Mid-Western States, the Niagara Peninsula and as well as Ontario, Canada.

Viticulture: Vidal blanc is well suited to cold climates The grape is a mid-season ripener and has the ability to produce a good crop even with secondary buds.

Wine making: Vidal Blanc is one of the most versatile varietals in North America. It is used in a wide range of styles from light and crisp
with high acid to off-dry. It is used to make many late harvest dessert wines because its tough outer skin makes it adaptable to ice wine
and it’s acidity makes a good partner with wines containing residual sugar.

Food pairings: Vidal Blanc is a versatile white wine suitable for many cuisines including shellfish, salads, fruit and cheese platters, chicken dishes and vegetarian fare.