Wine Label Competition Winner

The overall winner was Michael Krafft for his 2013 Petite Zinfandel Blush

His story:

This batch of wine was made as a Christmas gift for my mom during the year my dad died. As I started to create the label, I realized that I really wanted it to be fun, light hearted, and personal. It had to express joy, love, hope, and happiness.

I think that at first glance, the contrast of the name “Petite Zinfandel Blush” and the image of the really big ballerina was more than enough to bring out a smile.

But once you really look at the painting you understand that she’s wearing what she wants, dancing the way she wants, and doesn’t care a bit what the thin little lady’s in the background think. She’s making herself happy and beautiful and it just seemed to fit that moment in time better than anything else I could imagine.


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