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Cellarmasters in the News

A bunch has been written about our latest Wine Competition. Catch up on the news here:

“Battle Of The Home Winemakers” in the Somm Journal. READ IT HERE

Eve’s Wine 101. READ IT HERE

The Simi Valley Acorn. READ IT HERE

Avoiding Stuck and Sluggish Fermentations

Michael Jones from Scott Labs notes about Fermentations Issues.

Fermentation Problem Prevention

Yeast Nutrients

A great recap of a UC Davis seminar on Yeast Nutrients.

Grape Lecture

Watch this interesting Silverlight embedded video (Microsoft Silverlight will automatically be downloaded to view if you dont have it.) where a French oenology professor from Stellenbosch University discusses how to get your grapes to mature earlier, avoiding the cool weather and end-of-season shutdown.


MLF scorecard from ScottLabs

Thank you to Sigrid who has sent the MLF scorecard slide from her excellent presentation at the Yeast Etc. seminar. We’ll have other downloadables as they are submitted to us.

Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to Michael Jones and Sigrid Gertsen-Briand for making the drive down from Monterey. Salud!


Download the Yeast Etc. presentation sheets before June 29th

Here’s a chance to prep for the seminar coming up this Saturday at Old Oak Cellars.

Download, print and be ready to ask our guest experts.

ScottLab – Alcoholic FermentationScottLab –

Timing of Malolactic FermentationScottLab –

YAN and Yeast Nutrient levels

Origin Myths of Cellarmasters

Every great organization and religion has its unique creation story. Cellarmasters has one as well.

Our newsletters have covered since the first meeting in January 1974 before the club had its name chosen. By the second meeting, Cellarmasters was the name and we have been up and running ever since.

Through luck and good management, the newsletters have survived and are being digitized and will be posted up on the website for educational and entertainment purposes. The world of home winemaking has changed tremendously over the 40 years of Cellarmasters. Look at the early newsletters at grapes available and their prices. Do you know about the IRS forms? What activities did these people plan and enjoy at the original shop and elsewhere?

Read and enjoy the history of your Cellarmasters Home Winemaking Club under the Newsletter Archives tab. As the original tag line used to go, “In Vino Veritas”