Postscript on the Post-Crush Clinic

Talk about being a victim of your own success! There were almost 20 members and probably more than 70 samples to be tested at the Shop last Thursday night. It seems to your incoming President that we should plan on a Saturday next year for another clinic with a more relaxed feel with pizzas brought in for lunch. Our testers didn’t get up from their stations for 3+ hours that I observed.

Our deepest thanks to Jennifer and Rich Swank and Gregg Smith for bringing their lab equipment setups to perform the pH, TA, SO2 and ML test strip results for the shocking low low price of $5 for one sample and $2 for each additional sample. Andy Coradeschi came in with dualing pH meters and his palate to backup the woefully outnumbered testers. Thanks to all of you especially Gregg since I think it was your idea in the first place!

So – if they are up to it again – shall we have a Saturday clinic next year closer to bottling time for any last minute adjustments? Another post-crush clinic on a December Saturday or  a different time altogether? Does anyone else have the equipment and/or lab experience to help us out next time? Clearly, there is a demand and a need for this kind of information about our young wines. I know I feel better about the status of my 2012 class and hope everyone has the same comfort of knowing where they are as we head into winter.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and we’ll see you all at the January 3rd meeting when the Gold Medal winners from our recent competition will pour and tell as they receive their medals. Bring your casseroles for the potluck contest and let’s kickoff 2013 off right.

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