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36 Harvest Bins/Lugs & Wine Containers

All 36 bins for $200
Bins are stackable and nesting.
  • Made from FDA approved materials and UV protected.
  • Holds about 35-40 lbs. of grapes.
  • Taller than a typical fruit lug for less bending (though if you like to scoot it along the ground this can cause tipping).
  • The vents are long slats for cooling and they have soft rolled edges to prevent damage to the fruit. The holes on the bottom are recessed to improve drainage. They have secure, ergonomic handles for easy grabbing and lifting.
  • Dimensions: 20.50″ x 13.66″ x 10.88″.
  • winebooks,,,$200
  • fusti stainless steel wine container 14 gallons…$75 each (2 available)
  • fusti stainless steel wine container 28 gallons $100 each (3 available)
  • Contact John Cobus at 310 453 2685

Carboys 4 Sale

Ideal for WINE and beer making. Or just storing any liquid in glass!
HEAVY DUTY GLASS, purchased from Sparklets and Arrowhead when they switched to plastic.

I have ten of them for sale, each fitted individually in a CUSTOM HEAVY DUTY HARD PLASTIC CRATE CARRIER, uniquely made for long-term storage and short-term use.

Easiest way to haul and stack, indoors or outdoors.
See the pictures. The glass is clear or blue/green-tinted clear. They are dirty (outdoors) in the pictures.
They just need to be hosed down and wiped.

$30 each without carrier-crate.
$40 each, INCLUDES carrier-crate.
$350 for all ten carboys and crates.

Cash only. Leave a phone #


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