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I will have very high quality grapes for sell this year. these are grape I use for commercial wine.

Syrah – From Paso Robles: Dark, inky, full flavored, and full of fruit in the aroma and pallet. Without being a fruit bomb! Ready every year around mid September. $1.00/lb  1000/lbs available. 100/lb min

Petite Sirah – From Contra Costa CountyMaybe not as dark in color as the Syrah, but then again few are, but full of fruit and a nose that will blow your mind. $1.10/lb to $1.25/lb depending on total amount sold. 2000/lbs available, 100/lb min

The reason I make these wines commercially, is I strive to make a full bodied, full flavored wine without residual sugars. These grapes do exactly that. If interested email me. If anyone is interested and would like to try a sample, I welcome everyone interested over to barrel sample my 2016 vintages.

If interested please let me know, Quantities are limited! Going fast! And what ever other sales cliché you can think of!!

Matt Lester (Cellarmasters President)

We are downsizing our winemaking operation. As a result the following items are for sale  
Prices are negotiable.Please contact Brent Berry,  or littlebit1023 (at)

6-bottle, stainless steel gravity-feed bottle filler 1 good $750.00
55 gallon stainless steel barrels 4 average; don’t leak $75 each
small transfer pump used to move wine from barrel to barrel 2 good $70 each
5 gallon glass carboys, each in its own rack 12 good $20 each
white food grade. 44 gallon plastic barrels with lids 10 good $30 each



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