Information, Please

Whether you’re joining the club, renewing your dues or entering your wine in our annual competition, we need some information from you so that we can make sure your payment is credited in the right place and that your wines are matched to your entry.

Please fill out the below form before you check out. Also – and this is really, really important if you’re entering the wine competition, please make sure you take the option to return to the site after checking out. That’s how you’ll get the form you need to send in with your bottles for the contest. Do NOT download the form on the competition page unless you want to pay for your entry a second time.



2 Responses to 'Information, Please'

  1. I tried to pay via PayPal a few minutes ago, but the connection to PayPal was not typical and they have no record of the payment, so I am attempting it again. You may get two payments for five entries each, $60. If that happens, I apologize for the inconvenience, but could you please refund one?
    I don’t see label forms anywhere, so I shall write on blank paper, wrap it in a sandwich bag and affix it with rubber band. I hope that is acceptable.

  2. Cellarmasters Club Member says:

    We’re sorry you had trouble with PayPal. So far, we have received only one payment, but will refund any additional. We also sent you an email with the form.

    For anyone else paying by PayPal, when you get to the end of the process on the PayPal site, please make sure you click on the link to Return to‘s Site. That will get you to the download page for the entry form.

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