Grape Sources 2019

Syrah Row with Netting

Syrah Row with Netting

Below are the most current listings of grapes.

Home Wine Beer and Cheesemaking Shop – Chard, Cab Sav, Merlot, Sangio, Syrah and Zin. Click HERE




Chavez Vineyards –

Chardonay – .70/lb
Viognier – .75/lb
Muscat – ..70/lb
Cabernet – .85/lb
Pinot Noir – .85/lb
Malbec – .80/lb
Barbera – .75/lb
Petit Verdot – .75/lb
Grenache – .75/lb
Syrah – .75/lb
Merlot – .72/lb
Tempranillo – .75/lb
Alicante – .75/lb
Zinfandel – .75/lb
Please reach out to Javier Chavez (661.794.9107) to confirm availability and pricing, as well as to place your order.


Central Coast Home Vintners’ Association

Check out their website at for more info or download this doc for their full selection of grapes.

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