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Origin Myths of Cellarmasters

Every great organization and religion has its unique creation story. Cellarmasters has one as well.

Our newsletters have covered since the first meeting in January 1974 before the club had its name chosen. By the second meeting, Cellarmasters was the name and we have been up and running ever since.

Through luck and good management, the newsletters have survived and are being digitized and will be posted up on the website for educational and entertainment purposes. The world of home winemaking has changed tremendously over the 40 years of Cellarmasters. Look at the early newsletters at grapes available and their prices. Do you know about the IRS forms? What activities did these people plan and enjoy at the original shop and elsewhere?

Read and enjoy the history of your Cellarmasters Home Winemaking Club under the Newsletter Archives tab. As the original tag line used to go, “In Vino Veritas”


Summer Meetings in Pasadena

Cellarmasters will be leaving the comforts of the Home Beer Wine and Cheesemaking Shop for the summer months to the Old Oak Winery space in Pasadena. Dave Lustig and Paul Overholt have extended the invitation to have the club meet at their place and we’ll take them up on it. But we will be back at the Shop on September 5th ready for harvest themed meetings and events onsite.

July and August meetings will be on the first Saturdays and will include a potluck lunch instead of potluck dinner but will otherwise look like a normal meeting with topics, guests and the food prize. So plan on coming out to the wilds of Pasadena on July 6 and August 3.

We have already confirmed our Yeast Etc. seminar on Saturday June 29th conducted by Scottlabs. This is an expanded version of the one hour evening presentations of years past that will incorporate yeast, ML, enzymes and whatever else Michael Jones feels like expounding about. It’s always fun, informative and will allow for advance planning for the upcoming harvest.

While July may feature our pre-bottling clinic (pending), August 3rd will showcase Tercero Wines and its owner Larry Schaffer. Tercero specializes in Rhone varietals and the tasting room is in Los Olivos. The website isĀ



Post Crush Clinic!

Check out the info here: Cellarmasters Post Crush Clinic 2012

2012 Competition Results!

Here are the Results from the competition! Thank you all for your interest and entries in this year’s competition. We ended up with 321 entries from 25 states! The medals and judging sheets will be mailed in the beginning of January!

Hope to see all your entries again in next years competition!


2012 Competition Results