Newbie looking for vineyard consultation

We got a call from a new HBWC customer who has a new vineyard and is looking for an extra set of eyes to evaluate his baby vines. Anyone available? See his request below:

Thanks mike,
I’m jim Shelburne, retired teacher, live in West Hills 91307,  who has begun growing grapes (very small # of vines but have some room to add)
I need so much help. I’ve been into the home beer shop on Ventura.
I’m not sure if I have wine making fever but I am curious.
Question.  Is there any one in my area who could come by my place for a small consult? To see how much I might want to get into all this

Thanks mike and club members

13 vines  table and wine.  Room to expand
30 other fruit trees
Great tomato grower
7119 pomelo drive, west hills, 91307, 818-632-8539
Retired teacher, 33 years
Active volleyball, soccer, softball official
Curious to make home beer too

Jim Shelburne

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  1. DAVID W. HARDY says:

    I too have a small vineyard in LA (approx. 240 vines GSM) and would like to start making some wine. Give me a call Dave 818-209-0450

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