Welcome to Cellarmasters of Los Angeles Home Winemaking Club

Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Thursday May 3rd at 7p at The Home Wine, Beer and Cheesemaking Shop, 22836 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. We will be conducting a barrel sampling.  Please bring a sample from your barrel or carboy to share at the meeting. The Potluck theme is Mexican so please bring a dish to share as well as your favorite bottle of wine to share.

Derby Day – May 5th

It’s that time of year again. The ponies, the hats, the Cellarmasters in their hats watching the ponies, the vineyards and wineries of the Cellarmasters. We’re on the East Side this year; Tracy and Robert in Glendale, Mike and Anne in Altadena, and Dave and Nancy in Pasadena (we will email you the addresses once you’ve RSVP’d). We start at 11:30a and go until we can’t take it. You must RSVP to Elissa112@gmail.com and you can pay HERE if you so desire. Please bring some extra dollars to bet on the ponies, 2 bottles of wine to drink and share, a fancy hat and attire to enter the contests with, a side dish for the last stop (Cinco de Mayo theme), your homemade wine for the Run For The Wines contest, a wine glass and water.  See the flyer for more details. Purchase tickets HERE.

Cellarmasters Swag:

Get your Cellarmasters t-shirts, hoodies, totes, cell phone skins, mugs, duvet covers, clocks and so much more. Totally not kidding. All with our awesome logo on it. Please support your fave wine making club by giving it your personal endorsement on an article of clothing or home item. Click HERE.  To see the full line of swag, click the Show All Products link at the bottom left of the landing page.



Our latest newsletter and some of our past ones can be downloaded on our Newsletter page.


'Welcome to Cellarmasters of Los Angeles Home Winemaking Club'

  1. George A. Anderson IV says:

    Cellar Masters,

    I received my Medals from the 2015 Wine Making Competition in January and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, the medals are nice, but my great thanks goes to those who organized and ran the competition and to those who judged. I have been involved in organizing officials for sporting tournaments and understand the work involved. Thank you for your dedication to promoting Amateur wine making.
    To the judges, I was very disappointed by the results of a contest that I had entered previous to yours. Zero info! I can’t begin to thank you enough for the feedback sheets. I had no idea what was right with my wines, what was wrong or most importantly what I could do, if anything, to improve my wines. Thank you for reinvigorating my “juices”, pun intended. PLEASE continue to judge and share the detailed feedback for those of us learning the art. I for one will continue making, and now refining, my wines. Thank you for such constructive support!!!

    George A. Anderson IV

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      George, thanks SO much for the great feedback. We pride ourselves on the notes and comments from the judges because as winemakers, that’s what we would want too. Objective feedback is invaluable and is hard to get from friends and loved ones. Thanks for entering and keep making wines.

  2. melissa says:

    Do you know if there is a Cellarmasters or similar club in the Thousand Oaks/Simi valley area?

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Hi Melissa, we’re pretty much the only Home Wine Making Club that we’re aware of in the LA area. We have many members from the TO/Simi area and we’re having our monthly planning party in TO tonight infact. Come and join us at our next monthly meeting on April 7. Thanks for the note.


  3. Michael Holland says:

    Great meeting. Best food and wine while planning Derby Day and other events. Yum.

  4. Juanita Schmidt says:

    Hi all, the results of the 43rd Amateur Wine Making Competition is now live. Please click on the link at top of page under 43rd Annual Competition Best of Show Winners Are…. it now includes a pdf file with all winners.

  5. joe pauline says:

    will send out tomorrow when will the awards be sent??

  6. Paul Boyechko says:

    Hi Cellarmasters,
    I won BOS red, and has same questions as Joe on previous post.
    But already read your answer. I’ll send you bottle of my 2013 Merlot tomorrow.
    Thank you.
    Paul Boyechko

  7. Amanda Spieker says:

    I received my ribbons from the 2016 Wine Making Competition today! I want to thank everyone – those that planned to those who judged. Thank you for promoting the amateur wine making world I love so much.
    To the judges – I can’t begin to thank you enough for the feedback you gave me. Seriously the constructive feedback is priceless and from the comments you took your task very seriously. I thank you ten-fold!
    Have a blessed year!

  8. Mike Krafft says:

    I see results for wine contest posted, look forward to reading the notes in a few weeks. When/Where are the wine label results posted?
    Thanks, already looking forward to next year, Mike Krafft

  9. George A. Anderson IV says:

    Dear Cellarmasters,
    Two years ago I entered your amateur contest and was thrilled with the feedback received. This years I came back and tried again and AGAIN am delighted! What a great treat to receive ribbons and feedback on my wines from you and your slate of judges. I am inspired to send my port to the 2018 Wine Maker international Amateur contest in March. I was also very encouraged by your label contest this year to receive recognition for my 5 labels. I am anxiously waiting on those ribbons as well. I would love to share a photo with you but do not see a way to do so. Please advise if I can. Thank you again!
    Extremely Encouraged Again,
    George A. Anderson IV
    IV Vintners
    North Little Rock, AR

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