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Monthly Meeting

October 1 – 6:30p set up/7p Pot Luck – Topics are secondary fermentation, Malolactic Fermentation (MLF), testing for MLF, aging and oak additions. The theme is Octoberfest and the wine theme is Merlot. Bring a bottle of Merlot to share.

First up, if you’re new to wine or home winemaking, don’t feel intimidated. We’re a pretty friendly bunch. Our Summer club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at The Woodland Hills Home Wine, Beer and Cheesemaking Shop, 22836 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, (818) 884-8586. ‎ It’s a potluck and we usually have a food theme, so bring a dish to share and a bottle or two of wine, homemade or commercial. We usually have a speaker and/or a tasting. Either way, if you’ve got some wine that isn’t tasting quite the way you think it should, feel free to bring some along and let our wine gurus help you figure out what’s going on with it.

Our own Michael Holland in the LA Times.

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9 Responses to 'Welcome to Cellarmasters Home Winemaking Club'

  1. Chuck Wiseman says:

    Why did did brix fall from 25 to 16 rapidly then sort of plateau?

    • Jennifer Swank says:

      Chuck, did you add any nutrients at the beginning of fermentation or after fermentation was progressing? Lack of nutrients could cause a fermentation to plateau. If you haven’t added Nutrients I would suggest you add some. Another problem could be a yeast with low alcohol tolerance. What yeast did you using and what varietal are you fermenting. Also what temperature where you fermenting at?

    • Tom S says:

      Sounds like a stuck fermentation. Probably got too hot and all the yeast died. At 16 Brix you should be able to restart it pretty easily. It would be much worse if it stuck at 1 Brix. Very difficult to get that going again.

  2. Frank Iurato says:

    when will the results of the amateur competition be posted ?

  3. Rick smith says:

    Hi when will the metals be sent out for 2014, thank you

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Rick, they are being sent out this week. There was a delay with production of them. We apologize for that and thanks for entering.

  4. Bernadette says:

    This is just a random thought! We have a little over 2/3 acres of pretty steep (35 degrees) terrain in Rancho Palos Verdes that we would like to offer winemakers to plant grapes. We LOVE wine, but do not have the experience of planting the vines and would like to offer it for our landscaping enjoyment and for you to pick and use!

    • Gregg Ogorzelec says:

      Bernadette, thanks for reaching out to us. I would love to put your offer into our next month’s newsletter. Are you fine with me putting your email address in it?

      Let me know.



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